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The Point Of It All Podcast

Jan 29, 2018

On this week's #TPOIAP, we discuss Mo'Nique's bold request to boycott Netflix, Ciara's #LevelUp Tweet, River's plea to #KnowYourStatus & More.


River makes an announcement! (3:52)

Last week's (Sex Doll) reaction (12:30)

Ciara's #LevelUp Tweet Backlash (21:37)

Women Don't Make Music For Us (31:20)

Aziz Ansari/Sexual...

Jan 18, 2018

We're not arguing with these women in 2018 fellas, this week we talk the thick sex doll that blew up Twitter, Trust Issues and the H&M Controversy.  

.F***, Marry, Kill (5:33)
.Fetishes (10:00)
.Trust Issues (12:01)
.E-Mail - Pregnant with Best Friends Fiance (26:15)
.That Moment When River Forgives For...

Jan 14, 2018

First Official Ep of 2018! We talk Kay's $24.99 engagement ring, Getting Closure as men, Having sex arrangements & Songs/Movies that makes you emotional.


. INTRO/ What's Been Up?

. KAY'S $24.99 Engagement Ring Talk (12:38)

. Do Men Need Closure? (27:42)

. E-mail - Songs/Movies That Makes You Cry (33:05)


Jan 14, 2018

First official business for the new year: Give you a bonus episode! Recorded during the holidays, We talk The Walking Dead, Being Petty & women physical attractiveness.



. The Walking Dead *Spoliers*(6:40)

. E-Mail - Being Petty (37:42)

. Women Physical Attractiveness (48:50)

. Rozil - The Beautiful...