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The Point Of It All Podcast

Feb 6, 2018

On this week's #TPOIAP, Martin TV Show getting a reboot, Honest discussion about Unprotected Sex & a whole lot more; Plus E-Mails.

River with Two Chances/Audrey 3(A3) (1:00)

5 Star Ratings/Reviews Updates/Thx to Zummi (Cover Art) (8:20)

Larry Nassar/Father Lunges at Larry Nassar In Court (14:25)

Showtime's The CHI Update (21:20)

Suggesting In Person Vs. E-Mailing The Show (25:45)

How Do You Know If You Put It Down Properly? (28:25)

Appreciation To The Ladies (40:42)

Billie's Grown Man PSA (43:48)

E-Mail - Why Are We So Comfortable w/ Unprotected Sex (47:00)

Looking For Love  (54:00)

E-Mail - Getting Into A Relationship (57:25)

E-Mail - Getting Over Wife's Multiple Partners While Separated (1:04:50)

Martin TV Series Reboot/ Billie Feels A Way About Gina (1:12:15)

Thanks/Links/Last Thoughts (1:31:30)

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