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The Point Of It All Podcast

Feb 22, 2018

This week's Ep, We talk Black Panther, A Date W/ Rihanna & Billie's Anxiety Attack; Plus Emails.

Introduction/Snapchat (5:05)

Last Week's Ep Recap (10:09)

Lending People Money (15:20)

Black Panther (no spoilers) (19:06)

Billie's Trip to Mcdonald's (23:34)

Deleted Jokes (28:32)

Drake's God's Plan/ One Night w/ Rihanna (29:43)

Billie's "Black Panther" Movie Theater Experience (35:18)

E-Mail - My Daughter Is A Sex Worker (47:02)

E-Mail - I Want My Ex Back (1:03:07)

Hypothetical Questions (1:13:23)

Thanks/Links/Last Thoughts (1:27:40)

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