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The Point Of It All Podcast

Jun 29, 2017

Our good friend Aero joins us on the pod this week as we talk about NBA Draft 2017(Jimmy Butler Trade specifically), Safaree vs Meek Mill snuff fest in LA and River recaps Chicago Exxxotica 2017. We also live watch the B.E.T. Awards, We get our first live call and Billie reveals who's on the personal(Non Celebrity) No Pull Out List. R.I.P. Prodigy & Uncle Phil

Show Notes 

Intro 01:20

The Genius of Michael Jackson/ Bill Cosby 09:53

Black Originality/Ideas 16:40

Uncle Phil Rumors and Hearsay 21:59

Chicago Exxxotica 2017 Recap 34:20 

Fred Mac II's Whisky D*** responses 44:14

Emails/Posts 47:50

Father's Day Recap 1:02:40

Jimmy Butler Trade/NBA Draft 1:07:37

Safaree vs. Meek Mill 1:20:09

Black Panther/Black Superheroes/Marvel 1:29:21

Will Smith Bad Movie Choices/The Matrix Reboot 1:41:12

Never seen Star Wars and/or Goodfellas/The Godfather I & II!? 1:43:40

Billie has a question 1:50:18

The Movie "Adulterers" 1:53:42

All Eyez On Me Review 1:58:45

Remy Ma's Best Female Hip-Hop Award Speech 2:03:03

There's No More Pizza? 2:06:00

No Pull Out List 2:07:12

Closing Statements/Trick Daddy appreciation & Thank You's 2:13:28


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